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Independent Mangahood King Bradley Blog

Please note this is my first time even trying to roleplay this character.

So cut me some slack, thanks!

Going to get off of this blog and onto slave 23.

I’d really like to roleplay with people on there.


“Leave it to a fool like Wrath to spoil my evening.”


“Incompetent man never seems able to complete Father’s requests without assistance. No matter, I’ll mend his childish mistakes— swiftly.”

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who’s this hot bitch?





He smirked looking at his youngest creationimage

Nopes outta here.

Hello, Son."

⊰ ♔ ⊱  "Good afternoon."

im veeery busy rn.


it’ll be a bit.

woah shit i should make


a  post on 23 for her ed






“Father!” With a quick jump and a plastered grin, the boy bounded towards he whom he called Father in day, a grabbed eagerly at the navy which he donned. It seemed frequently a passing butler, or even his mother would take note of the two sin’s interactions, so for appearance sake, Pride’s smile remained bright, saccharine, and utterly false. “You’ll never guess what I learned in school today! Matthew brought a—”

Wait— there were no life forms nearby. Not Mrs. Bradley, nor that pesky servant which always seemed to wait on his beck and call. With nary a backwards glance, both sinful arms fell, and doe irises shifted quickly to violet.


“So, you come alone then? I would have thought your darling wife had joined you to see me.” 

⊰ ♔ ⊱  ”Selim, how are you, my boy?” He ruffled the boy’s hair for a few moments. However it was rather short lived, as to be expected. As Pride dropped his facade, the man sported a more serious expression.

⊰ ♔ ⊱  "She’s out, at the moment. Why? I would have thought you’d have enjoyed a small break." Offering a nod, he clasped his hands behind his back.  

(Source: sinfularrogance)